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Question: As a dealer, what contact info/terms should I include?
Answer: I recommend at the very least put in your email address, that way people can contact you for additional information. Typical information would be something like:
All Sales are final. Payment must be sent within 2 days to : (address and name goes here). Make checks payable to: (name goes here). Any questions or problems, email: (email address goes here).

Question: I tried to register, and then sign in, but I recieved a message stating "Sorry, but that information is not valid. If it has been a while since you have registered, you will need to re-register. Click HERE to register. Any other problems or questions, contact:". What did I do wrond?
Answer: Did you read your email? You need to verify your registration by going to a certain web page and filling in values. Once you do that once, you will be verified and can then use Sign In.

Question: I want a table! How do I reserve one?
Answer: First make sure you have registered with us. Then click on Dealers Only and follow the instructions.

Question: I am a dealer. My pictures are not showing up! How do I get them to show up?
Answer: Make sure that your picture ends with a .gif or .jpg. If you are trying to put in a web page instead of an actual picture, the result will be a broken image. To see what the picture is called (on a web page), go to that web page and look at the source.

Question: I want to know how many items I will be able to list per table? also as a card sells, can I place another in it's spot?
Answer: You can list 60 items per table. These can be changed at any time by going to Dealers Only then Edit lots.

Question: Exactly how long is a show?
Answer: We are putting on two shows a week. One is a weekend show and runs from Friday thru Sunday. The other is a weekday show and runs Monday thru Thursday. Dealers can talk at any time during the show hours.

Question: I registered, but I can't sign in. I never recieved an email from
Answer: You might have made a mistake while typing in your email address. Register again, and this time, double check your email address.

Question: I muted someone, and now I can't undo it!
Answer: Muting is a permanent thing, so please be sure you dont want to talk to that person ever again. If you really want to talk to them again, you'll have to email me: Make sure you include your user id and their user id. I will not undo muting of yourself by others.

Question: If I'm a dealer, can I visit other people's tables?
Answer: Yes. In fact, you will get a separate talk window as a customer than as a dealer. (Yes, this means you can talk to yourself.)

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