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Helpful hints on how to make your table more noticable

  • Make the name or initials on the main page spell out what you deal in! BUYING, CHEAP, FREE, or PSA are good examples. Make sure that you are not being deceptive. If you label your table FREE, make sure there is something for free at your table. Even if it's something you get with a purchase!
  • Attend the show! Dealers who are at the show (and able to talk) get about 7 times as many people looking at their tables!
  • List out retail prices as well as your prices on your table! Someone who likes Dan Marino and sees a Dan Marino doll priced at $100, may not know it's retail price is $200 unless you tell them!
  • Make comments about your customers and have them make comments about you! Remember, the higher your score, the more good comments people have made about you!
  • Make sure you have a phone number and email address in your contact information on your table. I've had many people ask me how to get in touch with someone who did not list that information on the table.
  • DO NOT put all your information in the "talk promoting question". The talk promoting question ONLY shows up when YOU are logged on!
  • Keep prices well below retail (these are internet buyers and expect a deal).
  • Change the inventory at your table often to keep customers coming back.
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